(live performance audio, 2014-2015)

Ultra Pulverize set out to pay homage to Paul Verhoeven's 1987 film "Robocop" by performing an original electronic re-score, including dialogue and sound effects samples from the movie. This is an audio recording of a live event, originally performed in sync with the entire film. Visit the SoundCloud link below for the audio file with instructions on how to sync to the movie at home.

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(self-released EP, © 2014)

  • 1. Two Hugs
  • 2. Toxic Vacation
  • 3. Sleep Court
  • 4. Space Vampire
  • 5. Strict Greenscreen Schedule
  • 6. Blood Poster                                                                    

The musical outfit with outfits returns from hypersleep with a rich EP recorded and mixed at La La Land in Louisville, KY. So sick it's scary!

Available digitally and on 12" vinyl in our store.


(self-released LP, © 2007)

  • 1. Sweaty Waistband
  • 2. ED209n
  • 3. Intermittent Internet
  • 4. Ded Schedule
  • 5. Dracula Drives A Black Chrysler Concorde
  • 6. Curbturd Alert
  •   7. That Beats
  •   8. The Next Day
  •   9. Sneakin Round Old Folks
  • 10. Hassle of Hedonism
  • 11. Don't Let Her Know You Like Her
  • 12. I Digest!!

Summoned at The Funeral Home in Louisville, KY during the winter of 2007, "Unoriginals Get The Dose" serves as an electronic warning to all those who doubted ULTRA PULVERIZE the first time around. Faster and more intense than before, the band's sound now brings with it more experience and an extra synthesizer. Physical copy of the CD contains all of the lyrics.

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(self-released LP, © 2005)

  • 1. Venom Pants
  • 2. That Book Was Written By A Maniac
  • 3. Bloody Fannypack
  • 4. Gorillas in the Fist
  • 5. I Thought That I Was Dead
  • 6. Roperglittercubin'
  •   7. I'm On Wheels
  •   8. Scissors On Cigarettes
  •   9. Book Fair Monday
  • 10. Don Knotts Looks Like A Sock Puppet
  • 11. Out of Bones
  • 12. Ochweet Scally

Created at the beautiful Downtown Recording studio in Louisville KY during the summer of 2005, "Gorillas in the Fist" proved the seriousness of not being serious! The CD comes with a DVD that includes a music video and a few short films. Lyrics are included in the liner notes.

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